Shahid Kapoor Desires to Reconcile with Sonakshi Sinha

Shahid Kapoor wanted to disregard the ugly past by seeking collaboration with Sonakshi Sinha in production of a new movie. It appears that the olive branch extended by Kapoor is not going down well with Sinha who is not prepared for such cooperation after what transpired between the two. sources close to Kapoor revealed that he has been sending emissaries to the star actress but it seems that the responses he is receiving from the actress is not encouraging.
Relationship between them went soar when the two could not feature together in one movie. The two has gone far in the movie production when Shahid Kapoor has to remove the star actress Sonakshi Sinha in the last moment to the shooting of the movie. It was thought that the two who are good cannot feature together in one movie and there was need to separate them.
Shahid Kapoor wanted reconciliation between them and wanted to feature the star actress in one of the home movies but from all indication Sinha is not yielding to the requests. It is his hope that one day two of them will reconcile and things going together again in their movie production, it is only time will tell whether Sinha will have a change of heart and work together with Kapoor.

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