Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu is in the news again. She has been at the center of media reports for sometimes now, in order to divert the attention of the media from her she is seeking attention to her naval. Her latest action of displaying her belly button is disbelieved by many people.
The star started this latest controversy through her latest post in her twitter page. She asked that she wanted to get nave piercing which she said she eventually got. This could affect her output for 15 days. According to the post in her twitter page she advised that fears should no longer be a problem to anybody rather people should take bold steps to address all the issues that put them into fear.
Rather than swaying attention away from her private, what he post did was to beam media searchlights on her life. Her post in her twitter page had attracted reactions most of them condemnation.   Some see her post as a way of promoting as a way of drawing people to assess her sexual appeal. She was administered by another celebrity by name Dia Mirza was tweeted to her that she should look for a way of dispelling the negative theories that is going on about her private life.

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